Four Ways a Migration Agent Can Help Your Company Do Business Internationally

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If you own a business that engages internationally, there are many cases where you may want to enlist the help of a migration agent. In most cases, there is no legal situation to do so — you can fill out the forms and apply for everything yourself. However, a migration agent can help you navigate the process and help you avoid common pitfalls in the following situations.

1. Hiring Foreign Workers

Australia has quite a liberal immigration policy of allowing skilled foreign workers into the country, and as an employer, you can often sponsor such immigrants. However, you have to meet key criteria, and the process can involve a lot of paperwork. To save yourself the work, you may want to hire a migration agent. They can ensure that everything is done correctly and that you don't jeopardise your business by hiring anyone who doesn't have the right working visas in place.

2. Travelling Abroad for Business

If you or your employees have to travel to other countries for business related purposes, you may also want to work with a migration agent. This can be especially helpful if you are travelling to conferences or to do transactions in countries that require travellers to have special visas — remember if you're doing business, you usually can't just enter the other country on a tourist visa. The migration agent can fill out the relevant applications and send them to the host country's embassy or consulate.

3. Setting up an APEC Business Travel Card

If you or your employees frequently travel to areas in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) area in particular, you may also want to work with a migration agent to set up a business travel card. This streamlines travel by allowing you to move through major airports more quickly -- with this card, you no longer have to worry about lengthy customs lines or interviews. The program stores your passport details so you can travel to participating countries without applying for separate visas, and as of late 2015, the business travel card is valid for five years.

4. Dealing with Imports and Exports

Even if you're not travelling, a migration agent can help you move your goods from country to country. They can answer your questions regarding receiving imports or sending exports to other countries. That can be a confusing process to wade through on your own, as you have to deal with everything from duties and taxes to different rules on various types of items.

If you're not setting up a steady import or export program, you may occasionally need to import samples or do other foreign transactions. A migration agency can also help with that.

To learn more about how  migration agent can help your company do business internationally, contact an agent today at a firm like Fisa Pty Ltd.