Employing extra resources to complete a project

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When you work in project management one of the challenges can be that your workload for the project can come in spurts, with weeks of downtime followed by periods of high intensity work. This can be hard to resource efficiently. Many projects find it helpful to use employment agencies to help manage this workflow. Here are some tips.

Flag high demand skills early

If you know that you will need a short coverage of an in demand skill such as a high qualified engineer it is a good idea to flag this early. This can help the resourcing agency to look for someone with the right skills and let you know their availability. It can be a good idea to be flexible because you may need to work around the availability of certain in-demand skills, so think about ways that you can modify the project flow if you project seems to be running behind time. 

Share resources between teams

Many of the resources that you need will already be available in the company. Be sure to ask other teams for help, particularly if you might need a lot of assistance with basic admin tasks such as filing or answering phones as you may be able to share resources between teams for these times especially if other teams have a lull. You can also hire resources through an employment agency and share them, so that you could have a worker in one team for a few days a week and working anothe team for the rest of the week

Use remote resources

If you are struggling to catch up with certain phases of the project it can be useful to have some remote resources working on your project from overseas. These people can work remotely and do some of the 'grunt work' during the night so that the project team can come in each morning and hit the ground running on their projects. Some great options to outsource include data entry, data analysis and transcription of results. Many tech companies also find that they can outsource sections of writing code overseas so that local tech managers can focus on valuable tasks. 

If you are a project manager who needs to manage varying workflows it can be very useful to use an employment agency. They can help to provide alternate resourcing to make sure you have the right staff to complete the project on time.